…Of All The Arts — Chapter 4

IV. Endless Endings

After this is done, you can go your way

Don’t forget. This is how

Everything should be…

Don’t you ever go.

The Dillinger Escape Plan

“Sick On Sunday”

The sun was setting down slowly. The scene was set and the decorations were ready. The director was about to give his commands.

“That’s it? Will it be sufficient?”

“Of course! From now on our Creator has only two options left, bearing in mind the fact that his main characters are heavily engaged in production of a movie about themselves. He can either start to write basically the same story all over again, adding some details about the movie’s production. Or he can end it all right now. I wonder why he hasn’t done it yet.”

“Say, isn’t it right, that the characters of our movie will be forced to make a movie about them in the end, thus creating an endless link of movies-within-a-movie?”

“That is beyond my comprehension. Most certainly, there is a possibility to make the first movie in history, which contains its own remake within itself. Let’s not talk about it. Tell me, have you agreed to play the lead role?”

“No. Let the professional actors do their job. I’ll settle with a small cameo appearance.”

“Whose part do you plan to perform?”

“Why, Robby’s unfortunate wife, of course. But we have no time to discuss the details.”

“Why is that?”

“You, being an Armchair, are unable to look down and see for yourself. I, however, can see it clearly. Two simple words. Six letters.”


…Of All The Arts — Chapter 4

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