Event Horizon (Impasse)


The tea leaves are scattered meaninglessly

The crystal ball goes dim and cracks in half

Stop trying to forecast and foresee

Stop shuffling your deck of Tarot cards

Get your hands off the future


You blurred the future with uncertain predictions

Scared it off with educated guesses

Confined it to your rigid plans and schemes

There is no future.


The ancient scrolls are curled up like a bunch of snakes

Every tomb turned out to be a cenotaph

Stop your acid trip through names and dates

Close the books and give yourself up

Forget about the past


You’ve corrupted the past with bloated misconceptions

You turned it into bluff with wishful thinking

You’ve distorted it with deliberate lies

There is no past.


There is only the moment

The pendulum swings back and forth

As one single second consumes centuries

The clock’s hands spin frantically

Till they fly off their hinges

Relish the moment, savour the moment

Contemplate the moment as it lingers



Now the world is a snapshot

A frozen lake

There is no direction

No route to take

Nothing’s lost and found

Nothing grows or decays

No way in or out

No way…

Event Horizon (Impasse)

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