/I’m still struggling with a (sort of) writer’s block, so instead of a proper piece of brand new poetry here’s one more translation of a song from Russian into English.

This one belongs to a band named ‘Jane Air’, and you can listen to the original here, if you’re curious. I believe that some choices that I made concerning the structure of the verses and punctuation could be understood only by listening to the source material.

I’ve shortened the name of the song in the process of translation, because I’m Batman. Cheers to everybody!/

The women’s legs are entwined all around here

There’s a halo right above him

His blood runs thick, love cuts deep

They’re his Mary Sue’s

Swing to his rhythm in his room

In unsteady light

He’s not a saint, no, it just spins, spins

Bandage slips

The DJ scratches vinyl somewhere around

It’s an after party

Among melting dresses, burning curtains

Now girls are moaning, beds are occupied and ashes float everywhere

Patterns from your walls are painted on your cloths,

On the floor, in the feverish shroud,

In every corner a demon lurks

You know you won’t find them, not until sunset comes down

There’s no fear!

You are the meanest demon

You fill the souls of men with dreams of gold

And smell of incense

So that thousands of them would follow you

Loyal like trained dogs

With their guns put to their heads

They go right to the edge like sheep

You’re the rock star here!

Burn down if that’s what you want

But admit that you don’t give a fuck about those who are following you!



The apocalypse is right here

Follows swiftly behind your back

You’re on fire and we should walk straight through your flame

Billions will burn as one

We were like moths, we were following your course

We flew into the light

Where we were dying for your cause

The final demon pulls his face and gushes with spit

The apocalypse is already here…



More lights

Cities will be going dark one by one

Ray of Earth

Heaven’s son will descend to hell


Spoken word sequence:

You alone will be able to look into the eyes of those who will meet you there

You’ll walk dancing through tongues of flame

Catholics and orthodoxes will lower their banners

Blinded by your ability to sneak into the hearts of men

And steal the very essence from there

The volcano awakens.


Though he is soaked with sweat

And blinded by steam

We get up from our knees

And we follow him.


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